Brainwave Optimization: A breakthrough technology designed for relaxation, self-regulation and meditation.

Welcome to Brain Optimization Center!

Brain Optimization Center is proud to give you access to the most sophisticated and innovative Neurofeedback technologies available:

• Nexus 32 and Nexus 10 from Mind Media (technology used by European Space Station)
• Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing (RTB) from Brain State Technologies

In order to take the utmost care of our clients' "brains", we implement the best brain-training and technology available on the market today. Our goal is to maximize the results for our clients and the implementation of this technology and our dedication achieves that goal, one person at a time making the world a better place. A balanced brain is a happy brain!

We offer a standard 5 day "intensive" program that consists of two 90 minute optimizations a day to balance and harmonize your brain. Improving brain function has shown to help with injuries, stress, pain, sleeplessness, major afflictions, addictive dependencies, compulsive disorders, and challenges to learning.

Programs may also be customized to your individual needs.

People traveling from different states can stay in nearby hotels and there are a variety of great restaurants in the area. We are only half an hour away from O'Hare Airport.

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Brainwave Optimization

Brainwave Optimization with RTB (Real Time Balancing) is a technology for monitoring, analyzing, and translating brainwave activity using sophisticated software algorithms. Ultimately, this process produces personalized exercises to balance and optimize your brain. Although Brainwave Optimization™ technology relies on highly advanced knowledge of computers and human brain function, the process is simple, straightforward, holistic and effective.

Brainwave Optimization will help you achieve a balanced brain and help your brain to optimize its own functioning, on its own terms, through non-invasive, computer-guided technology. All that is required is listening to musical tones through ear bud headphones, while relaxing in a zero gravity chair, with sensors attached to the scalp. A computer creates musical tones to match changing brainwave activity in real time. Matching between brainwaves creates resonance. In effect, the brain itself, fine tunes its own patterns of functioning. Balancing your brain can help reduce anxiousness, increase vitality, focus and concentration, promote better memory, delay the aging process due to balancing your hormones, and improve the overall emotional and mental state of a client. So far more than 50,000 people experienced Brainwave Optimization. Brain State Technologies report that on average... "87 percent of clients meet or exceed their stated goals. In addition, most report that they are sleeping soundly after only a few sessions and many who battled depression, anxiety or addictions tell us that they are waking up each day with a measure of happiness previously unimagined". Brain Optimization Center can help clients to achieve their full potential and to be able to perform at their optimum level at work, in sports, and in life.

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Neurofeedback (NFB) is also known as EEG Biofeedback. Neurofeedback is a ground breaking technique that challenges the brain for better function. It is a process by which a person learns to voluntarily control some physical function that is not normally under conscious control. A person learns how to change brain waves during Neurofeedback exercises. The characteristic that distinguishes NFT from other biofeedback is a focus on the central nervous system and the brain. Brain training exercises the neural pathways that allow the brain to have better function in a variety of areas. It is a non invasive training with dramatic results for a multitude of symptoms.

How does Neurofeedback Work?

We apply electrodes to the scalp (with use of easily washable paste) to listen in on brainwave activity. Then the signal is processed by the computer, and information about brainwave frequencies is received and run through QEEG normative database software. The received information is assessed and a protocol for training is created. Some frequencies are to be promoted and some diminished. We set up the computer according to the protocol that was prepared and the person receives the information in a form of a video game or a movie. The person learns to control the movie or a game with his or her brain. Eventually, the brainwave activity is modulated toward more desirable, more regulated performance.

The brain can be trained and exercised like any part of the body for enhanced performance. When our brain works at its best it delivers good coordination skills and balance for our body. Healthy brain creates perfect intercellular communication for better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


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